jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010


My name is Marcos but they call me Kako. I am pupil of the Longchams Nº 1 tecnical school. I am 15 years old. And 20 may meet 16. I am a fan of Linkin Park. I love your theme “what i´ve done “ . I have two brothers and one sister . My mather has a pizzería in Alejandro Korn . I forget to tell, I am Alejandro korn . And last but not least, I am very lazi

Yanina and Daiana

Hello, we are Yanina and Daiana. We are 16 years old and we are from Buenos.Aires.

We go to the school E.E.T 1 of Longchamps and we are study chemistry, we are in second year old of polimodal. We are the crazy of curse and the most intelligent (ha,ha,ha).

We listen to music cumbia and reggaeton, sometimes go to dance.

I (Yanina) want study medicine and I (Daiana) want study bioquimica.

We are in the 2011 go to Bariloche of graduates

Jimena and Geraldine

Hello, we are Jimena and Geraldine, we are 17 years old. We are from Buenos Aires.Argentina. We are on 2° year of Chemical. We are the best friends.

We like almost all food. We listen to music rock and pop. We sometimes we meet to go to the movies. I Geraldine, when you finish school want to study astronomy at the University. Yo Jimena, when you finish school I study Criminalistic at University. To us, we love Converse All Star shoes. The next year we will go to graduates Bariloche

Estela, Nicole, Laura and Evelyn.

Hello to everyone from Longchamps we greet with love

We are Estela, Nicole, Laura and Evelyn.

Estela and Nicole are sixteen years old. Laura and Evelyn are seventeen years old.

Of the school Martin Miguel Guemes is the best technique in the chemical form

All live in Longchamps. We like chemistry and English. We are all day in the school for the workshops .

greetings and kisses


My name is Julián I am 17 and I am a pupil of the Longchamps nº 1 technical school. I am studying chemistry. I live in Longchamps, Buenos Aires with my parents and my little brother. I have three dogs, three cats and one fish. My girlfriend’s name is Sol, she is 15 and she is very beautiful and funny. I enjoy being together and it makes me feel good.


Karen and Leandro

Hello!!! We’re Karen Sotelo and Leandro Mamani. We’re from Argentina, Buenos Aires. We’re sixteen, and we love to be young. We re good friends and we love each other.

We study in a Chemistry High School, and we‘re busy guys, but we have fun here.. We’re at school long time at day, we have a lot of subjects, we try to be good pupils, but we act like freaky people. We love our English teacher, She Rules.!

Mathias and Joan

Hello, our names are Mathias and Joan. We are a students of E.E.T Nº1 in Longchamps, Buenos Aires Argentna. Our grup is 2º 2ª. We are 16 years old. We are studying chemistry. Now we are in English class doing this blog. Our teacher is Stella. She is a good teacher and she thinks we can do a blog with the other group in our school (2º 1ª) and other group in other school.

Joan: Hi, I'm the "botón", Stella says. But I'm not  a "botón". I only speak with other groups and my friends.

Mathias: Hi, I'm with Joan in the English's class. I'm writing in the blog, and laughing for Joan's writing. I want to say this group is the best! Good bye.