jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


In my family, there are several immigrants.my grandmother,Michelina Maggisano and my great-aunt,Fiora Maggisano, come from Italyin 1957. They come to there because in war time (around 1940),their elder brother, Pepe and Laura,come to Argentina in search for opportunities. After some years ,they send a letter to Italy where they say information about Argentina: Argentina welcomes immigrant; there're work opportunities. And invited the rest of the family. So, Michelina, Fiora and their mothercame to Argentina. Only two sisters stayed in Italy, because they had family there. They come by ship when Fiora was 8 and Michelina was 14.
My great-aunt always told me about Italy. She always says that she could never learn Spanish perfectly. She still has an Italian accent.
On one occasion, Fiora told me that her grandfather participed in the World War: He worked to the army during the day, and ginded wheat for the the poor people at night.
When she went to Italy last year, she was recived as a queen, because her grandfather was considered a hero for the people of the village.
May be I go to Italy in some years'time... May be.

We are all immigrants

These are our family histories. We hope you enjoy them.
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